Working in the clothes closet before lunch at the Choctaw Mission.

VBS was fun tonight.  We talked about Joseph and his coat of many colors.  

Day 2: we made care packages, got a tour of the elderly center, a really cool Choctaw Museum, and VBS

Youth Information

Upcoming Events and Newsletter.

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+ Event Details



September Youth Newsletter 

Wednesday, September 4:  Supper Club at the church (6:30-          7:30)

Sunday, September 8:  The Exodus, Moses and the Burning          Bush (5-6:30)

Wednesday, September 11: Make encouraging bags for the          choir’s hard work, I’ll buy the supplies and we will put          the bags together during youth (6:30-7:30)

Sunday, September 15:  Wandering in the Wilderness (5-         6:30)

Wednesday, September 18:  Makewitnessing bracelets         (6:30-7:30)

Sunday, September 22:  Crafts with Kaleidoscope         (witnessing bracelets) (5-6:30)

Wednesday, September 25:  Scavenger Hunt (6:30-7:30)

Saturday, September 28:  Help with WeeCycle Clean up          5:00pm-10pm. I will need a few parents to help that          night as well.  Please let me know if you can. 

Sunday, September 29:  Surprise Trip, I’ll let you know what         time soon!

*Registration fee, $115, for M28 will be due by October 13th.          The dates of M28 Camps will be July 5-9.  We will leave          on the 5th to go white water rafting before camp. :) 

**Sunday School begins at 10:00.  I would love to see more         in Sunday School!  

***October 13:  Talent Show!  The youth will perform first,         then we will serve.  (half of the proceeds from        donations will go to the youth) 

Youth Fall Calendar

+ Event Details

Youth Fall Calendar


Youth Fall Schedule 2019


11:  Back to School Celebration at the Premier Lanes

14:  Serve at the Pantry

18:  Make encouraging cards for kaleidoscope 

21:  Serve at the Pantry

25:  Begin Submerge (our Fall Curriculum)

27:  Serve at the Pantry


1:  No Youth/Labor Day

4:  Photo Scavenger Hunt

8:  Submerge:  The Exodus

11:  Clean the Rock Garden Atrium

15:  Submerge:  Wondering in the Wilderness

18:  Make Encouraging bags for the Choir

22:  Crafts with Kaleidoscope

25:  Supper Club

29:  Swimming Party with Kaleidoscope


2:  Submerge:  Receiving the Covenant

6:  No Youth/Fall Break

8:  Submerge:  The First Humans

13: Talent Show

16:  Submerge:  The Great Flood

20:  Carve Pumpkins with Kaleidoscope

23:  Submerge:  God’s Call

27:  Trunk or Treat (Youth will run the games)

30:  Halloween Party 


3:  Gathering in New Albany

6:  What are we Thankful for?

10:  Submerge:  The Reluctant Prophet

13:  Make decorations for the Thanksgiving Feast

17:  Submerge:  The Good Samaritan

20:  Youth Thanksgiving Feast with our families

24:  No Youth/Thanksgiving Break

27:  No Youth/Thanksgiving Break


4:  Make Christmas Cards our members in the Nursing Homes

8:  Submerge:  The Old and the New

11:  Hot Chocolate and go see Christmas Lights

15:  Children’s Choir Program

18:  Youth Christmas Party?

22:  Caroling with the Church

Youth will resume January 5th.

***Some things may change.  I will let you know.