Working in the clothes closet before lunch at the Choctaw Mission.

VBS was fun tonight.  We talked about Joseph and his coat of many colors.  

Day 2: we made care packages, got a tour of the elderly center, a really cool Choctaw Museum, and VBS

Youth Information

Every Wednesday night we will meet at the Pantry to stock the shelves from 6:30-7:30.  This a great outreach for our community.  The pantry is in need   of food, so it would be nice for us to bring donations each week.  If you have any plastic grocery bags they can use those as well.                                              

+ Event Details

Youth Fall Calendar

+ Event Details

Youth Fall Calendar


Youth Fall Schedule 2019


11:  Back to School Celebration at the Premier Lanes

14:  Serve at the Pantry

18:  Make encouraging cards for kaleidoscope 

21:  Serve at the Pantry

25:  Begin Submerge (our Fall Curriculum)

27:  Serve at the Pantry


1:  No Youth/Labor Day

4:  Photo Scavenger Hunt

8:  Submerge:  The Exodus

11:  Clean the Rock Garden Atrium

15:  Submerge:  Wondering in the Wilderness

18:  Make Encouraging bags for the Choir

22:  Crafts with Kaleidoscope

25:  Supper Club

29:  Swimming Party with Kaleidoscope


2:  Submerge:  Receiving the Covenant

6:  No Youth/Fall Break

8:  Submerge:  The First Humans

13: Talent Show

16:  Submerge:  The Great Flood

20:  Carve Pumpkins with Kaleidoscope

23:  Submerge:  God’s Call

27:  Trunk or Treat (Youth will run the games)

30:  Halloween Party 


3:  Gathering in New Albany

6:  What are we Thankful for?

10:  Submerge:  The Reluctant Prophet

13:  Make decorations for the Thanksgiving Feast

17:  Submerge:  The Good Samaritan

20:  Youth Thanksgiving Feast with our families

24:  No Youth/Thanksgiving Break

27:  No Youth/Thanksgiving Break


4:  Make Christmas Cards our members in the Nursing Homes

8:  Submerge:  The Old and the New

11:  Hot Chocolate and go see Christmas Lights

15:  Children’s Choir Program

18:  Youth Christmas Party?

22:  Caroling with the Church

Youth will resume January 5th.

***Some things may change.  I will let you know.